Project Description Last activity
BDSIM BDSIM is a Geant4 extension toolkit for simulation of particle transport in accelerator beamlines. It provides a collection of classes representing typical accelerator components, a collection of physics processes for fast tracking, procedures of “on the fly” geometry construction and interfacing to ROOT analysis. 7 hours ago
Beta-Beat Python scripts for various optics calculations, mostly used in LHC. 8 hours ago
GUINEA-PIG GUINEA-PIG++ simulates the beam-beam interaction in electron-positron linear colliders.It uses a strong-strong model of the colliding beams and includes the emission of beamstrahlung, production of incoherent and coherent pairs as well as hadronic background. 9 hours ago
lhc-analysis-tools Python script for LHC Performance Monitoring 3 years ago
LinSim Linear Accelerator Simulation Framework with PLACET and GUINEA-PIG 10 hours ago
Mad-X a program for accelerator design and simulation with a long history 10 months ago
PLACET Very nice simulation tool for beam physics in linear accelerators 5 hours ago
pymad Python interface to Mad-X 5 hours ago