Bike to Work Challenge 2012

National Bike To Work event through June!

Following our initiative, (demonstrating our influence!) CERN has decided officially to participate in the Swiss national event Bike To Work.

In close collaboration with the CERN coordinator, Jens Vigen, we aim to get a maximum of the CERN population onto the saddle this summer! This national action is complementary to what you have already subscribed to. It is based on the idea that people working together team up in groups of 4 colleagues who shall "push each other" to use the bike for work commuting throughout the month of June, at least every second day. There are 21 working days in June, which means a minimum of 11 days on the bike will be enough to take part.

As CERN is collectively taking part in Bike To Work, inscribing a team is straightforward; simply engage with 3 of your colleagues and get the team registered here before May 31st. There are no costs for the individual teams, there is no minimum distance, and parts of the journey can be done using public transport. There is even an opening for non-bikers: 1 member per team can participate as a pedestrian, skateboarder or using whichever other mean of transport that does not depend on an engine.

Please indicate on our Doodle if you will be participating in the event. You can also use this one to look for team members if you have trouble finding colleagues. If someone have ticked off in the last column you can contact them using the CERN People Search. If you are one of those, and have found a team afterwards, we recommend to edit the Doodle.

We you all to create teams and hopefully all team-members will take part in both efforts - bicycling is becoming mainstream!

The many teams

Below follows an unordered list of the many teams we have cycling to work this June. Thanks to all for participating and saving the environment!

Team NameTeam Leader
L'odeur du goudronHolger Neupert
Pbar PartycycleChristoph Kittel
The Riding RIBstersAlexander Gottberg
Totally Enthousiastic Aficionados of Bicycle TransferJan Borburgh
DT 1Christian Joram
CMS-DAQ-SYSADMINCarlos Nunez-Barranco Fernandez
Doodle2Nicolas Isabey
Travelling WavesAndrew Butterworth
Collaborative EffortTibor Simko
QPS_TeaMPawel Dubert
Doodle3David Bailleux
HT - High TensionXavier Piroux
envelocestbeauRaffaele Grosso
BD and friendsHeather Gray
Safe RidersLaetitia Wohlgemuth
ISOLDEAna-Paula Bernardes
Power ShowerNorberto Jimenez Mena
Insipid QuarksAjit Kumar Voraboina
PH-LBCMarco Cattaneo
Health@workEric REYMOND
VSC#4Sebastien Juvet
The BeamersJan Uythoven
Magic LunchJames Devine
SupercycleKlaus Hanke
KOKO EURO SPOKOMagdalena Kowalska
Die BibliophilenJens Vigen
Comm2WorkPauline Gagnon Gagnon
Green TeamSonja Kleiner
BicyclotronGabor Veres
Les deraillesVincent Bobillier
McGillSue Cheatham
Last but not leastMatthieu Heller
Heavy QuarksAndrea Polato
C2MonHenrik Nissen
CF RIdersBen Jones
vscnlWim Maan
AllemongenisAns Pardons
AnthonysRidenToWorkAnthony Morley
B40_crewPatrick Fassnacht
Vier JahreszeitenBottura M24320
intense intensity teamDavid Belohrad
Jabuchenko AgarwalJavier Pablos
Nikhef@LHCbKristof De Bruyn
Biking Into SwisssideFederico Faccio
Information FlowTim Smith
CERNicalosAnne-Laure Lamure
PappaTeamAdriano Garonna
IT-PES Number 1Nils Hoimyr
DT Team 2Roberto Guida
Bike-O-HolicsJohannes Lang
YAXO-REALCONStefanie Langeslag
The Late ComersJakub Winiarz
Neutrino CyclistsDaniel Hugo Campora Perez
Doodle4William Booth
Doodle5Souvik Dutta
The Sporty OnesCosimo Cantini
La grande roueFred Magnin
ORA-600Andrei Dumitru
United for Peace Michael Dittmar
PH-SFTJohn Harvey
Power Cycling PixelsXavier Portell
VIGI-lentGabriele Thiede
Team no. 80Daniel Stanculescu
CyclotronsSarah Livermore
Quasi triggeredDunford Monica
The Cycling RIBstersAlexander Stadler
Interdendritic precipitationValerie Samain
The CyclotronsBenjamin Wolff
ISOLDE phiSusanne Kreim
CyclOPSMike Lamont
Book RidersAlessio Deiana
Accelerating CyclistsYngve Inntjore Levinsen
Flat Space Time TiresRegina Kwee
LHCBeesHans Dijkstra
Take it easyGRANIER CECILE 0
Les Petites RouesMarion Picard

Set your goals!

Some have pointed out that the competition is not so relevant for them since they have no chances of winning. To give you an additional motivation we have now defined some karma levels that you can attempt to obtain, based on the total distance you travel during the year. Set your individual goal based on how often you are able to bike to work, and what distance you have to work. The following categories are available:

DistanceKarma Level
Less than 15.5 km "Lazy Neutrino"
More than 106 km "Sneaky Muon"
More than 511 km "Charged Electron"
More than 938 km "Super Proton"
More than 1270 km "Charming Scientist"
More than 1777 km "Massive Tau"
More than 2400 km "Upper Class"
More than 4200 km "Sexy Bottom"
More than 125 000 km "Touching God"

Diplomas will be handed out at the prize ceremony after the competition has finished, together with a prize for the overall winner.

The challenge is on!

The competition has now started, make sure to join as soon as possible! Below you can follow the current status of the competition.

Bike to work this year!

In order to motivate more biking among CERN people we invite to a highly unofficial "bike to work challenge". We want a more active focus on the health and benefits of leaving your car at home. Further, we want to show that people want to use their bike to work, so that the politicians in the area make it safer for bikers. Finally, competitions always make things more fun!

The rules are fairly simple. The winner will be the person with most km biking to work during the competition period, 1. of March 2012 until the end of the year. One can include bike rides to/from work, and work related commuting while at work. That would include biking to a restaurant for lunch, to meetings or similar. It does not include exercise/leisure biking. There is currently little control so we trust your honesty.

Join the challenge on Endomondo. Afterwards you can easily register your rides manually through their web interface. Endomondo provides a free application for most GPS enabled smart phones. The phone application will automatically measure the distance you are biking and register on the web. We only count "transport cycling". If you have a workout registered wrongly, it is easy to edit on the web page.

At the end of the year the winner will be announced. Currently we can promise a large amount of karma. Sponsoring is being worked on.

The challenge is also a team challenge, getting the total km for all employees as high as possible. Other physics institutes and international organisations in the Geneva region can consider themselves challenged. Do you manage to get more km than CERN? :)

So what are you waiting for? Sign up, and make sure all your colleagues know the challenge is on!

Frequently Asked Questions

There have been some questions regarding the rules, how to subscribe and so forth, which we will try to answer in this article. If you do not find your answer here, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to one of the organizers, Yngve Inntjore Levinsen or Jens Vigen.

How do I register my commuting in Endomondo through the web interface?
When you log in, go to "Workouts" and then select "New Workout", and "New Workout with no route". There you can manually register your activity (which should be cycling, transport), the date and how many km. Save it and it will be included in the challenge if you selected a date after 1. of March. For this estimate for the km you did before you joined the challenge, it is OK to put everything in one workout (perhaps with a minor comment). After that we ask that people register at least one workout per day they are travelling.

I would like to join the June event, but I need help forming a team.
In order to help people get together and form teams, we have created a Doodle for your convenience. Look for people which have ticked off the last column (and/or do it yourself), and contact them using the CERN People Search.